Cafe De Khan – Taste of Karachi in Mississauga

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Cafe De Khan in Mississauga, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. My friends and I had been visiting this restaurant for the past 10+ years, and it was reassuring to see that they have maintained their high standards of taste and quality.

We arrived at the restaurant on a Saturday evening at around 9 PM, and it wasn’t too busy. The atmosphere was amazing, and the decor really added to the overall dining experience. The service was okay, but nothing exceptional.

Behari Kabab Cafe De Khan

We were a group of four people, and we had a few guests visiting from Ottawa. We decided to order the Behari Kabab, Seekh Kababs, and Parathas. The Behari Kabab was served with fresh onions, tomatoes, and salad leaves, which added a nice crunch to the dish. The kabab itself was very well cooked and had a great blend of spices. It tasted amazing with the Parathas, which were also freshly made and very tasty. The beef Seekh Kababs were also fine in taste, but not as exceptional as the Behari Kababs.

beef Seekh Kabab Cafe De Khan

The serving size was average compared to other similar restaurants, but it was enough for us. The only suggestion I have for the restaurant is to add some better quality sauce and raita to complement the dishes. That would make the whole experience much better.

Paratha Cafe De Khan

Final Words – Cafe De Khan Experience

Overall, the food was great, and the experience was the same as our previous visits. It’s definitely worth trying this Pakistani cuisine, especially if you’re a fan of kebabs. The restaurant has maintained its quality over the years, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good meal.

Behari Kabab
Beef Seekh Kabab
Overall Rating

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